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So its been a little while since I’ve posted here on my blog, not because I haven’t wanted to but I’ve felt a big creative block. I don’t know if any of you have experienced this before but its definitely not a nice feeling. I have loads of blog photos that I’ve taken and edited and every time I’ve sat down to write I’ve just not known what to say or how to put what I want into words. I have taken some time to make more videos recently though, because for me, speaking out loud has felt easier than writing things down. I don’t really know why but I guess there’s probably lots of reasons to fall in and out or writing.

As of late, I’ve made some pretty big life choices. I’ve decided I want to move out of the 1 bedroom flat I’m living in now. Its fine here but the neighbours aren’t great and I just feel like I’ve out grown the space. Fraser has been spending a lot of time away with his band too, and I just feel like the things I want to do in the spare time that I have, take up a lot of space. I invested in new lighting and a new camera for taking photos and making videos, and setting it all up in the middle of my living room is such a thought sometimes. If we had a spare bedroom where I could have a dedicated space for all my things, I would probably feel a lot more inspired to sit down and film or write.

Some might think I’m crazy but as well as working full time (and a crazy amount of overtime), I’m also studying part-time via the Open University. I’m enjoying my course but its hard work and very time consuming if I want to achieve good grades. So I guess a lot of things have contributed to my creative block lately, and thus my lack of updates.

I’ve also decided to finally take the plunge and start looking properly into getting a rhinoplasty. You might think ‘your nose is fine’ or ‘its a lot of money’ or whatever, but it’s something I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember. In my opinion, theres nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing your biggest insecurity every morning. Its been really getting me down recently and in my heart I know that making the jump will bring me a whole new world of self confidence. I hope to share my story too, and I hope its something that you guys will be interested to see and hear about.

Anyways, I know most of you come to my blog for beauty reviews so I’ll quickly share some of the products I’ve been loving recently. Firstly, I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury again, the pillow talk lip liner and the dolce vita eyeshadow palette has been on my face non stop for what feels like a lifetime now. The liner is the perfect colour for me and the eyeshadow colours and formulation is absolutely stunning. I’ve also joined the RCMA no colour powder band wagon and i’ve been back into a little bit of baking under my eyes. This powder has some kind of crazy smoothing effect and its fairly inexpensive too. Foundation wise I’ve been all about the NYX can’t stop, won’t stop foundation. And believe it or not, I’m not the palest shade in this for once! I’m actually shade 3, neutral and its the perfect match for me. This foundation has buildable coverage and lasts all day on my combination skin. For applying it I’ve been obsessed with the Spectrum B01 brush, as its dense but fluffy enough to give a seamless finish. The Ofra highlighter in rodeo drive has also been a staple, its a pretty gold colour that gives me the glow I’ve always wanted. Its just a mini size but I know already I’ll be picking up more of these as I love the formula. The Makeup Revolution conceal and define concealer has been making quite the appearance on my chin, its great at covering my scarring and doesn’t look too heavy on the skin. Its not my favourite under the eyes as it does tend to crease but I love it on other areas of my face. I also found this Anastasia blush palette for less than half price in my local TK Maxx and I’m so glad I snapped it up as the colours are great and give me a lot of versatility.

I hope you’re glad to see me back, and apologies for being away for so long. Hopefully I can make more updates more regularly! What kind of posts do you want to see me create?


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