Fossil Q Hybrid Watch

Happy September everyone! I hope you are all well. I wanted to talk about something a little different today, because its really taken my fancy and I feel the need to share! This is the Fossil Q Hybrid watch, which is my new favourite piece of technology. I previously had an Apple Watch but I much prefer this, and I’ll tell you why.

This model pictured is the Fossil Q Hybrid Accomplice, which I chose because I love the styling. It has a beige leather strap which is reasonably thin and delicate. Its a great netural colour meaning it goes with pretty much whatever I’m wearing. It has a silver face and the numbers on the dial are a pretty rose gold colour, which I love because most of my jewellery is silver or rose gold so this matches up with both. The hands on the face also glow in the dark, which I actually didn’t notice until the other day. The watch has 3 buttons on the side, and you can customise their functions via the Fossil Q app. I have mine set for date, when I press the top button, and the watch then points to the corresponding number (theres smaller numbers at the very edge of the face). When I press the middle button my watch will ring my phone, so if I’ve lost it down the back of the sofa I can find it nice and easily! For the bottom button I have it set to tell me how I’m dong with my daily step goal, there’s a small half dial in the centre of the face and the hands point between the 0%-100% to let me know how I’m doing for the day. There are so many options to choose for the buttons, including the choice to control the music playing via your phone and the volume. You can also customise notifications on this watch too, which might seem a weird concept considering it doesn’t have a digital face. You can actually set it so that the hands point to a specific number for a specific notification. For example, if I get a call the watch will vibrate and both hands point to the 12. Or if I get a WhatsApp the hands point to 2 with a slightly lesser vibration. Its pretty cool and I actually much prefer this over my Apple Watch as it keeps my notifications private and I don’t run the risk of anyone peeking over my shoulder to read my notifications! The watch also counts your steps and your calories burned too, which is something I always like to keep track of! I know this doesn’t have as many features as my Apple Watch, but I much prefer the styling of this. I like the fact that the face is round and that it looks like a classic watch. I love the set up for the notifications and alerts and how subtle and personal it is. You can also buy additional straps for this watch too, meaning you can always change things up and customise the look to match your outfit! Another thing which I love, is the fact it doesn’t need to be charged up everyday. It runs on a regular watch battery and Fossil offer 2 years of free battery replacements with any hybrid watch which I think is amazing!

Have you ever used a smart watch?

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