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Hello! If you’ve been a reader of my blog for any length of time then you’ll know that Pixi is one of my all time favourite brands. It’s amazing that before now, I haven’t done a brand focus talking about my favourite products from them! I have a lot of Pixi skincare and not so much of their makeup so this is definitely a skincare heavy post. I do want to try more Pixi makeup in the future as I know they have some amazing products.


If Pixi do something right, its definitely their mists. I don’t know how many bottles of the Makeup Fixing Mist I’ve gone through! This stuff is such a fine mist and it really helps set my makeup, I even love spraying some on my Beauty Blender before I apply my concealer and it stops my concealer from creasing throughout the day. Ive been using a lot of the Sun Mist recently, its great under makeup for some extra SPF and also works well as a top up throughout the day. My favourites have to be the Glow Mist – which has added oils as well as other great hydrating ingredients to really pep up the skin and give it a little boost. If you’re not a fan of oils in your skincare routine then you should definitely try this out. My other favourite is the Hydrating Milky Mist, which has so many great ingredients – including hyaluronic acid – which boost hydration in the skin and keep it looking fresh. This is my favourite thing to apply to my face as a first step in my routine, as it makes everything else absorb much better. Pixi also do my favourite serums, the Hydrating Milky Serum is the perfect sister product to the Milky Mist and it does an excellent job of adding some much needed moisture into the skin. It has a really light texture and almost feels like nothing when you apply it, but by the morning your skin is left hydrated and feels much more flexible. The Overnight Glow Serum is one of those products I think I will repurchase forever, I apply this at night time and it does it exfoliating magic and then I somehow look like a glowing goddess. It helps get rid of all the dead skin cells on the skin and reveals a much healthier and glowier complexion. I always use this when my skin is looking a bit dull and it never disappoints. I’m also partial to a bit of the Glow Tonic, my skin cant handle this every day but twice a week is enough for this to clear away any dirt and clogging lingering on my skin. Similar to the serum, it leaves me with a much brighter face (which I cant complain about!). The Beauty Sleep Cream is a great night cream if you just want something thats nice and not too intense. This has a light lavender scent, which makes it perfect for night time. Its not too heavy but its hydrating enough to add moisture back into the skin after a long day and keep things feeling soft and smooth. I love pairing this with the glow tonic, something about the combination gives me really great looking skin the next day! If you haven’t tried double cleansing yet, you should probably try out this convenient product from Pixi. The Caroline Hirons (skincare queen) Double Cleanse is the easiest combo to use, it has an oil based balm in one side and a creamy cleanser in the other. The balm is amazing at removing makeup and doesn’t irritate my eyes and the cleanser is super gentle and doesn’t cause any irritation or dryness. Paired together they work beautifully, cant wait to pick up another tub of this once I’ve finished a few more cleansers. I have to mention a few masks too, I forgot to photograph my beloved Glow Mud Mask which is probably my all time favourite mask. It has a clay base that extracts all the junk from my pores but it also has exfoliating ingredients in it too which give your skin and extra boost when using the mask. This stuff always leaves my skin looking amazing after I use it. The Peel and Polish is another favourite, but I have to be careful not to use this too often as it can really cause havoc with my skin. However, with sparing use this mask leaves my skin so bright and smooth looking. Its a combination of a manual and a chemical exfoliant so all you need to do is massage it onto your skin for a minute or so and then leave it for another minute before washing it off and your face looks instantly brighter and it’ll feel the smoothest its ever felt! Makeup wise, I only have a couple of products from Pixi which are the Its Judy Time Palette and the Flawless Vitamin Veil. The palette has a really pretty selection of warm neutrals, and although its not my favourite formula the eyeshadows still perform really well and overall its a lovely palette. The Vitamin Veil is a nice light base, its a cream consistency but it doesn’t feel heavy and it doesn’t have a crazy amount of coverage. Its great for smoothing out your base when you’re not looking for something too much for everyday.

Have you tried any products from Pixi?


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