5 Ways To Save Money On Beauty & Makeup Products

If you’re reading my blog, then you’re probably a beauty-holic like me, and that can get pretty pricey! Theres always new products being launched, and brands do all sorts with their marketing and advertising to get up to splurge on their latest release. I have a few tips to share to help you save a little here and there when it comes to spending money on beauty.

1. Sign up for reward/loyalty cards. Most of them are free, and with the likes of Boots they even send you vouchers in the post for extra money off now and then. Most rewards cards work on a points system, where you get so many points depending on your spend and eventually your points turn into money you can put back into buying more beauty. I tend to try and do most of my shopping in places I know I can collect these points, even things like toiletries and toothpaste I try to buy somewhere I can gain a little back – because it all adds up.

2. Add things to your basket online. This might seem crazy but the amount of times I’ve added a makeup product to my basket and then received and email from the company the next day with a ‘10% off if you checkout now!’ or a ‘you left something in your basket – heres X% off’. Its not something a lot of people think of but doing this can really help you save a few pounds here and there.

3. Shop the sale. Companies always have a sale section on their website, so if you’ve got your eye on something – always be sure to check out the companies social media to see if they have a sale planned anytime soon. If they do, a lot of times the things you’ve got your eye on end up getting reduced! So why not be patient and take advantage.

4. Make use of trial size products. A lot of online beauty companies, even in stores too a lot of the time – offer free samples with purchase. Male sure to choose these carefully and pick the things you might enjoy using. Some of the time, trying these testers allows us to realise that the product isn’t really that good and then you can keep your money in your purse and put it towards something else! A great way to try out mini-size beauty products is through a subscription box like Glossy Box or The Vegan Kind.

5. Make sure your purchase is going to be worth it. Ensure you spend some time reading reviews or watching videos of people talking about the product you’re interested in. Do some research and see what other people are saying about it, for all you know – the product could be a complete fail and a total waste of money!

Do you have any tips for saving money on beauty products?



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