Soul Tree Āyurvedic Kajals*

Hello again! I thought I’d share some thoughts on some kajals that I’ve been trying out lately! I was kindly sent them from the lovely people at Soul Tree and I’ve been enjoying using them a lot. I don’t tend to use these kind of liners very often so its been good to mix things up in my routine lately.

I received the colours Copper Tint and Pure Black, which is super handy as they are both colours I’ll get a lot of use out of. The black is very creamy and is very easy to apply to the eyes without any dragging or tugging happening, which is nice. Its actually probably the blackest eyeliner that I own so I’ve been reaching for this quite a lot when I want to add a little definition along my top lash line. My favourite way to wear this is to smudge it out along my lashes to give them a fuller look, without a thick, black harsh line. Copper Tint is a very pretty dark brown with a shimmer through it, which is absolutely stunning in my opinion! As I have blue eyes, I find this really makes them pop and stand out when I apply it to my eyes. These kajals can be used as both eyeliners and eyeshadows, and in all honesty I haven’t tried  Pure Black all over my lids, but Copper Tint is very pretty indeed. I did find it creased a little but it was totally fine with a primer underneath, and it also makes a great base for any eyeshadows I want to apply over the top. I would say that Copper Tint has a slightly drier formula than Pure Black but it still blended well on my eyes and I didn’t really have any issues. When I use both colours as a liner I find they last all day without any primer underneath and they don’t transfer either, only a little creasing when all over the lid. My only kind of annoyance with these is the way they are packaged, I like the silver packaging and I like the fact that they are retractable like lipsticks but I worry that the more I use them as eyeliners, the more the point is going to wear down and eventually leave me with something too thick to try and use for a precise wing. They’re fine now as I haven’t been using them for that long, but I really adore using Pure Black along my top lashes and it’ll make me pretty sad when it ends up too chubby. What I do love is that these have been made to not only add colour to the eyes but also to nourish them with organic almond oil. They are made using a 3000 year old process and are all natural, organic and cruelty free. All round winners if you ask me.

The Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajals – available here.


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