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Despite having a pretty decent sized makeup collection, I don’t actually own too many false eyelashes. Probably because I don’t really tend to wear them unless I’m doing some glam makeup for instagram or if I have a special event! Red Cherry Lashes are a cruelty free brand that I’ve always been intrigued by, I remember Pixiwoo using them when I first started watching!

I was kindly send all 3 of these lashes from who actually sell loads of different brands, including Red Cherry. They also offer free first class delivery on every UK order which is amazing. If you only want to try 1 pair of lashes, you don’t have to worry about meeting a certain spend threshold!

The first pair of lashes I received are in the style Darla*. They are pretty full and very long, but have a very thin lash band. All of the lashes from Red Cherry seem to have a thin band, which makes applying them to the eyes very easy. These lashes were a little too big for my eyes so I did have to trim them a little but they look so glam once applied. These would look great with a thick winged liner look!

The second style of lashes I received are in the style Molla*, very similar to Darla but not quite as full. Again a little too big for my eyes but fine once cut to size. They look very fluttery when applied and are the perfect compliment to a smokey eye.

The third style is Wispy*, which are much longer than I was expecting. I might have to give them a tiny haircut as I think they’re a tad too long for me. They’re the most natural looking pair out of all 3 and probably my favourites. In the words of my boyfriend “These look like my eyelashes don’t they?”. They look nothing like his eyelashes but I’m glad he thinks so highly of his natural ones!

I’m super happy to have these in my collection and I will definitely get use out of all 3 styles! They are very good quality lashes and I love how thin the band is. They are all very comfortable to wear and I had no issues with any of them coming off when I was wearing them. As they are made from human hair, they are also reusable if you take care of them. I do not apply mascara to my false eyelashes and I make sure to remove all glue carefully after wearing them too. I will probably get 4-5 wears from these before they need replacing. They’re only £3.99 each too, which is super affordable for such high quality lashes as well.

What are your favourite lashes?

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