My Mac Lipstick Collection

When I first started blogging, I was obsessed with Mac. I think most people at the time were, but over time I’ve come to love other brands and I don’t support Mac anymore. You can read a bit about that in this post here. I thought I’d share whats left in my lipstick collection from Mac, I pretty much halved my stash of lipsticks not too long ago as I’d had some for quite some time. I used to collect Mac lipsticks, so a few of the shades here are limited edition and I haven’t actually worn them in a long time. But for those of you who still love a good Mac lippie, I hope you enjoy!

There something about the smell of Mac lipsticks that’ll always remind me of my early blogging days, a sweet vanilla scent that isn’t too strong or too weak! I also love the bullets, theyre so simple but very sturdy and get the job done. I have a few different kinds of lipstick here so some of the packaging is a little different, but I’ll run you through what I have.

From the regular collection (in order of swatches left to right):

Mehr – A Matte formula which is a pretty nude/brown shade. A bit drying, but you cant expect a matte lipstick to be overly moisturising. This looks great as a 90’s kind of vibe on the lips.

Plumful – Lustre finish which was actually my first Mac purchase ever. A pretty plum shade, thats more sheer and wearable than others. My favourite kind of lipstick colour.

Brave – Satin finish, pretty nude colour. The classic Kylie Jenner favourite. Kind of a my lips but better colour but a bit darker.

Crosswires – Cremesheen finish, a very pretty coral red. I love this colour in the summer time and its very comfortable on the lips.

Please Me – Matte finish, a pinky/rose kind of colour that is very pretty when you want some girly pink lips. Again, not a massive fan of the Mac matte formula but it doesn’t stop me wearing it.

Craving – Amplified creme finish, a dark plum that pulls kind of red on my pale complexion. The formula is very similar to the regular Cremesheen finish but the colour is a lot more intense.

Faux – Satin finish, which is probably my favourite finish of Mac lipstick. A true my lips but better colour that is a little paler than brave and a bit more easy wearing. Its kind of a mauve-pink that isn’t too intense.

The others (in order of swatches left to right):

Royal Ball (LE Cinderella Collection) – Frost finish, a very pale nude, which actually washes me out but I never actually wear this anyway. I mainly bought it for the packaging (crazy).

Viva Glam Miley Cyrus (LE) – Amplified finish, a super bright blue toned pink which stains my lips like no other every time I wear it. Its a very pretty colour though.

Riri Woo (LE) – Retro Matte, the most drying lipstick I own. Wore it a few times back in the day but it makes my lips look horrific due to the formula. Pretty rose gold packaging however.

Goodbye Kiss (LE, Holiday Collection) – Amplified finish, a pink/purple shade that is actually very pretty on the lips. I don’t reach for it a lot as it doesn’t actually seem to match anything else I wear on my face.

Out For Passion (Huggable Lip Colour) – A pretty coral colour, nice sheer moisturising finish. My favourite lipsticks from Mac, love the sleeker packaging too.

Commotion (Huggable Lip Colour) – Same formula as above but a dark plum colour which I adore in the winter months.

Clever (Patent Polish) – Brown nude, with a really nourishing, wearable formula. This is my go-to lipstick when I have a tan and just want something subtle.

Kittenish (Patent Polish) – Very similar to Clever, but much more pink. Again looks super pretty with a tan but I also love it when I’m pale too.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing my collection and my mini thoughts on each shade! 

Let me know what your favourite lipstick is in the comments below.


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