My First Lime Crime Order / Velvetines Review

Hello everyone! I thought I’d share what I picked up from Lime Crime recently. nI was super excited to try this brand as they are both cruelty free and vegan. I only made a small order during their sale but I didn’t want to pay for shipping to the UK for loads of things when it was my first time trying the brand.

Theres been a lot of drama around Lime Crime in the past, something about credit card details and orders not processing. I don’t know the whole story but I’m sure you can google it if you’re interested. This was quite some time ago though and from what I recall, there are a lot more security measures in place now so I felt confident placing my order. I know a lot of people who love the Velveitnes and I think they were the first liquid lipsticks I heard about before lots of brands began creating them. 

I’m not sure how sold I am on the formula of these, I have 4 shades and they all wear completely different. Overall, I’d say these are quite drying (as far as liquid lipsticks go), definitely a little more than others I’ve tried. I would also say that these look completely different from the images/swatches on their website. I do still like the colours though. I find the wear of Saint (dark brown/red shade) to be okay, its a little patchy on application but it seems to be the one that stays on the longest and is fine when you apply another layer to touch up. True Love (bright, coral red) bleeds horrendously when I apply this to my lips, and continuously does this throughout the day. Its super annoying but it seems to be okay with a lip liner under it and some concealer round the lips to help contain it. Cupid (peachy nude) has a very flaky wear. It applies beautifully, doesn’t bleed, but as it wears off it tends to flake and ends up on my chin in chunks if I don’t keep an eye on it. Its fine if I apply a fresh layer every couple of hours but it definitely doesn’t stay on for more than 4 without cracking/flaking. Polly (mauve/purple) probably wears the best, it still feels super drying but it lasts well without any major issues and its completely fine without any kind of liner under it. I really like this colour when I have tan on too, something about it looks really pretty. Polly & Saint wear for about 5/6 hours before needing a top up. All of them have a very thin/runny feeling consistency which means the layer of product isn’t too thick on the lips when apply it, it makes them quite easy to work with and means you don’t end up with cakey lips.

In terms of shipping, my order arrived in about 2 weeks, I expected this and I did order during their sale. I payed about £8.50 to have these items shipped to the UK which I wasn’t mad about. The parcel arrived with beautiful packaging on the inside and it was properly protected with the pink tissue. The packaging of the liquid lipsticks is beautiful too, Polly is a little more pink in tone but all look stunning. The applicator is also a nice size and allows easy application, even for the darkest shade.

I’m unsure if because 3 of the lipsticks came in the same set, thats maybe why the formula isn’t the same standard as Polly which was sold on its own. Regardless, I didn’t expect such variation from a brand I hear so many good things about. I’m still going to wear all of these, because theres always a way to make them work and I really like all of the colours. I don’t think any of these colours are available anymore (I should’ve posted this quicker), but if you’re looking to try the Velvetines I’d definitely only order 1 or 2 initially to make sure you can test the formula first.

Have you ever tried Lime Crime?

Lime Crime Matte Velvetines – Available here


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