The Makeup Eraser

Hello everyone, if you haven’t already please CLICK HERE to enter my giveaway! Today I thought I’d talk about one of those products which has changed my life. I’m not even exaggerating, I’ve told so many people about this since I got it that I need to tell you all about The Makeup Eraser.

As someone with very dry skin which is pretty sensitive, makeup removers can be a huge no no. I’ve tried so many of them which have caused my skin to break out in spots, dry patches, cause irritation and redness that I was pretty much left with the only option of using an oil or a balm to remove my makeup. Both of which I enjoy using but I always felt like they never got every single trace of mascara from my lashes so I’d go in with a micellar water of some kind (which still caused a burning sensation to my skin depending on how it was at the time). I’d heard about The Makeup Eraser in the past and kind of forgotten about its existence but something in my brain clicked one day and I decided to go ahead and order one from Amazon. I’m so glad I did because its honestly the best thing I’ve tried for removing my makeup. I just fill my sink with warm water and submerge the cloth, before gently rubbing it in circular motions around my face, and I swear there is literally no trace of makeup left on my skin after I use this. It means when I do go in with a cleanser afterwards, I feel like my skin really reaps the benefits a lot more, its also saved me a lot of money as I’m not constantly replenishing my cleansers and makeup removers. I’ve genuinely been recommending this to all my friends since I got it and those who’ve purchased one too have been totally obsessed with it as well. The cloth is super, super soft and something to do with the magic fibres takes all your makeup off in no time. Its very easy to clean too, I just chuck mine in the washing machine along with everything else every 3-4 days and it always comes out looking as fresh as when I first got it. I’ve noticed massive improvements in my skin, its less dry and flaky and there is minimal irritation when I do go in with products after using this. My breakouts are much less (probably because using a cleansing oil isn’t my acnes favourite thing), and overall my skin just feels a lot happier. If you haven’t tried using this to remove your makeup, you’re missing out.

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What do you use to remove your makeup at the end of the day?


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