Liquid Lips That Made The Cut

Hey, hope you are all well. I’m going to star by saying thank you! I recently reached 1000 followers on Bloglovin and it feels a little bit surreal. I know blogging isn’t about numbers but when I first started sharing my thoughts way back when, I never thought so many of you would want to listen up and hear my opinions. I’m planning a little giveaway soon and hoping to revamp the blog over the next few months so keep an eye out for that! Anyway, if you like liquid lipsticks – this post is for you.

Nothing worse than seeing a brand launch some liquid lipsticks, rushing to buy them and then trying them to find out they’re absolutely horrible. Or, when you used to think a product was good until you tried something new that blew it out the water, which is mostly what happened for me. I had a huge makeup purge not too long ago and threw out so many old lipsticks that I just wasn’t using or that I hated the formula of, so I thought I’d share what I kept in my liquid lipstick stash. My first experience with a liquid lipstick came in the form of the Rimmel Apocalips, I have the shade Celestial which fits perfectly with my love of mauve toned shades. Back in the day I remember the insane hype, every blogger and their dog was raving about how different and unique these were, and they were at the time. They’re not a matte formula like we see today but they’re very comfortable to wear and if you like a glossy lip from time to time then these are a great shout. Next one that sticks in my memory is the Too Faced Melted lipsticks, again; huge hype. Again; worth it. Not completely matte, but more on the satin side of things, this offering is pretty much what I imagine a lipstick thats melted to look like. Easy to wear and easy to reapply thanks to the little sponge-type applicator, its another lip product I love. The squeezy tube factor is also pretty cool, ngl. I think the NYX Matte Lip Creams pretty much feature in everyones makeup collection, and for good reason. Although they don’t ‘set’ on the lips they are really easy wearing. I could wear one of these at work all day and my lips wouldn’t dry out – a must when you work with heavy air conditioning. They’re also super affordable and come in pretty much every colour you could imagine. Soon Anastasia Beverly Hills took over my Instagram, and these liquid lipsticks were absolutely everywhere. I have Dusty Rose, and although not my absolute favourite colour the lipstick does wear really nicely. I don’t find I can get away with re-applying it too many times without completely removing and its not the longest lasting I’ve tried but they’re definitely comfortable and I will be picking up more shades for sure. Last up, Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. Probably no surprise if you come here often but I cant fault this formula. Its opaque on application, long lasting, not crazy drying and adding another layer throughout the day doesn’t make your lips look like a cracked clay work. I love pretty much all of the makeup from KVD, especially these lipsticks (if you couldn’t tell by the 5 colours I’m hoarding in my collection) because they just do exactly what I want from them. Brands that let me down on the liquid lip formula are Makeup Revolution (they make other amazing products, especially eyeshadows) and Bourjois (a bit slimy and a weird smell). I’m currently trying some liquid lips from Barry M and I’m seriously impressed, I’ll keep you updated if they make the cut.

Whats your favourite lipstick formula?


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