A Second Kitten, Introductions & Adoption

Hello everyone, little bit of a different post today – I hope you don’t mind. I did a post last year when I got my little fluff ball called Baila. I mentioned not too long ago about wether you guys would like to see a post about my second kitty Odo and a few of you said yes! I want to tell you a little bit about Odo’s story and how I ended up adopting her.

Baila is a ragdoll cross and I got him from a lady who was advertising some kittens for sale not too far from where I stay. He’s a lovely cat and he’s so gentle and loving and I’m so happy I decided to give him a home with me, however, Baila doesn’t want to go outside. I think this is partly because of his breed, typically ragdoll cats are indoor cats but I think its also just his personality too. I’ve taken him outside loads of times, mostly he just wants back in, a lot of the time he seems terrified and if he’s not doing everything in his power go get back in he tends to just sit near the door and sniff the air. He appears to have no desire to explore like other cats I’ve seen going outside for the first time. I don’t mind either way if he wants to be an indoor or outdoor cat, and if he stays in at least I know he’s safe and cant get lost. I did start to feel a little guilty though, when I was going to work and he was home alone all day. I know cats are usually pretty solitary but he just seemed sad when I left and overjoyed when I returned. So I decided to look for a companion for him. There seemed to be no one advertising kittens for sale anywhere near me and when I looked on the websites of various shelters there were no cats that would be suitable to live with Baila. My vet said I would need to get a cat younger than Baila to make sure they got along, so unfortunately I couldn’t take a cat older than 7 months at the time (although I pretty much wanted to take every cat home with me). I stumbled across Odos description through the Cats Protection and got in touch with them about going to see her. When I saw her for the first time she was the tiniest cat I’ve ever seen and she was so shy and scared to be somewhere other than her foster home. Odo was found as a feral kitten with her siblings, no mum cat was found. Some of her siblings passed away not long after the kittens were found as they had ingested toxins but Odo and her brother and sister made it. She had a pretty rough time in her early life but she’s doing incredibly well. When I first got her home she was very scared, spent most of her time hiding under my bed refusing to eat or drink, slowly but surely she got brave enough to venture out from her blanket and let me pet her on the odd occasion. Baila was very good as well, I didn’t keep them separated for long but on first meeting there was no fighting. A lot of hissing from both parties and Baila did a lot of moaning and complaining but after a few weeks they were cuddling up to each other and sharing toys no problem. I did a lot of research on introducing two cats as it can be quite difficult but in the end, letting them smell each others scents and keeping them separated at night and when I was out worked really well. Now they’re happy to live together and rarely bicker. They had a few squabbles initially but over time they’ve found a way to share the same space. Odo is still gaining confidence but she doesn’t hiss at people anymore and she’s stopped running away whenever I go near, she’ll happily sit by me when I’m watching TV or chilling and likes to cuddle almost as much as Baila these days. I think Baila has helped her a lot, she wasn’t very good at being a cat to begin with but she’s spent a lot of time copying the things he does that now she’s brave enough to do them on her own. She’s very sweet and purrs a lot when she’s near Baila and he likes to help her clean her fur so I’m happy I adopted her! I hope you enjoy these pictures, if you’re looking to add a cat to your life I’d definitely suggest checking out your local shelter to see if there is a cat you can give a forever home, tiny kittens are great but there are loads of young cats who’d really appreciate a loving home too! Odo is around 6 months old now for anyone who may be wondering.


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