A Hydrating Duo From Pixi

Hello everyone. I thought I’d talk about Pixi today, they’re my favorite skincare brand of the moment and I genuinely can’t seem to get enough of their products. As soon as I finish something in my current skincare stash, it usually gets replaced by something from Pixi. I also know I’ve been a little slow with the blog posts lately. I’ve been working a lot (I’ve switched from a part time contract to full time) and I’ve also adopted a rescue kitten so I’m trying to introduce her to my other cat as well as teaching her that people are not terrifying. I did a post when I got my first kitten, let me know if you would like to read about my new one and how things are going in terms of them living together. I have a weeks holiday from work soon so I plan to catch up with all my posts, emails and comments then so please bear with if you’ve sent me something and I’m yet to reply!

Anyway, I’ve got 2 favorites from Pixi that I want to share with you all. If you didn’t know already, I’ve been fighting with dehydrated skin for quite some time now but things have balanced out and have been good for a while and I genuinely think its down to the combination of using these two products. I use both of them at night as I don’t find I get the full benefit of them when I apply them under makeup but using them at night allows them to soak in and really nourish my skin. After I’ve cleansed I use the Hydrating Milky Mist which has pretty much become a cult favorite and I can 100% see why. Theres something about it that makes my moisturizer glide on more smoothly and even if I don’t apply anything over it, my skin is still left feeling super plump. Its got hyaluronic acid and black oat in it which are both absolute essentials when it comes to dealing with dry and lack lustre skin. Over the top of this I use the Overnight Glow Serum, and then I apply my moisturizer last. The serum is the most effective product I think I’ve ever used. When I apply this at night I wake up with the plumpest, most hydrated skin I could wish for. I don’t use this every single night just because it has AHAs in it to exfoliate the skin which can make it a little more sensitive, but if I wasn’t on the sensitive side I would be using this every single night. I think the serum is the one thing thats made the biggest difference to the quality of my skin and I love how it feels to apply as well. Its a clear liquid that seems to warm up on the skin and the tiniest amount really does go a long way. Its like it thins out and spreads further than you’d think once its warmed up on the skin. The combination these two have really changed my skincare game and I now rarely suffer from dry, flaky patches or tight feeling skin which is amazing! I highly recommend Pixi if you’re looking to try some new skincare that actually works! Pixi also do not test on animals which is lovely.

Have you got any skincare favorites at the moment?


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