3 New From Mac

So if you read this post here, then you’ll know about my feelings toward Mac. I am no longer purchasing products from them but I had an awful lot of empties which I used for Back2Mac for some final lipsticks before we part ways forever.

Swatches right to left, Plumful, Faux, Brave.

I repurchased the first ever lipstick I bought from Mac, which was probably around 5 years ago! Plumful has always been one of my favourite lip colours and I’ve struggled to find a dupe for it for a long time. Its a really nice plum shade but the lipstick has a lustre finish meaning its easy to wear on the lips and it fades nicely throughout the day. I also picked up 2 new shades to try, one thats insanely hyped about and one I always meant to try but never did. I went for Faux, a nice pink nude shade that I genuinely think would look beautiful on anyone. Its a very easy shade to wear and doesnt look like too much, its almost one of those my lips but better shades with something a little extra. I also went for Brave, which admittedly looks pretty similar to Faux but it pulls more on the brown side and is a bit less pink. Everyone went crazy for this shade when it was announced as a Kylie Jenner favourite and I can see why people love it. Again, its a pretty neutral shade and its very easy to add alongside pretty much any makeup look. On me, it looks a little darker because my skin is so fair but I think I can still get away with calling it a nude!

Do you have any lipstick favourites?


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