Throwing Away All My MAC Makeup?

January is upon us and I feel the need to organise my life, along with many of the rest of you, its definitely the season for spring cleaning. I used to buy Mac makeup all the time, I was obsessed with their lipsticks and pretty much wanted to own every shade they had ever made. When I was first getting into makeup, Mac was thee brand that everyone was lusting over – but as I’ve grown older, so has my taste in makeup.

I made a decision at the end of last year to stop buying makeup that wasn’t cruelty free. Mac is part of the Estee Lauder company which sell their products in China where they have to be tested on animals by law. In all honesty, I hadn’t actually purchased anything from Mac in a very long time prior to me making this decision. I don’t know why but I feel like I almost grew out of the brand, I was interested in trying new makeup and new brands and I’ve discovered some pretty amazing things along the way. As I already mentioned, I was all about Mac lipsticks back in the day. Now I favour brands like NYX, Kiko and Kat Von D for my lip products. A lot of the lipsticks you see here I’ve had for years, and to be quite honest – some of them are starting to go off and have signs of mould starting. I don’t reach for my Mac lipsticks as much as I used to so they’ve been gathering dust for quite some time in my collection. This isn’t all of them of course, I have about 6 or 7 that are still good and I still enjoy wearing that I’ve decided to keep. The good thing is with Mac, 6 empty containers means 1 free lipstick so as I have 18 containers I will be able to trade all this in for 3 new lipsticks. Although I don’t support the brand anymore, I will definitely be replacing some of my favourites using Back 2 Mac. Theres also a sorry looking, dried up paint pot and brow gel in here that have probably seen better days, along with a concealer and a tube of strobe cream that I genuinely don’t know when I last used. I de-potted a couple of my blushes and added them into a palette, it means I’ll get more use from them and I can recycle the empty containers too. Theres 2 Upward Lash mascaras here, I used to be in love with this mascara but I’ve found ones that I much prefer now so I’m not sad about not repurchasing this one. I look at this pile and kind of cringe at how much I probably spent on all this, but I know there are people out there with much bigger collections that probably have much older products that could possibly do with binning too. Its very refreshing to know that I’ve managed to refine my collection of products, theres a bunch of other stuff that I’ve thrown away from other brands too and it genuinely makes me feel  really happy that I’m not hoarding so much stuff. I think its important to remember that most makeup has a use by guide, lipsticks lasting around 24 months if well looked after and stored correctly but other products can go off much sooner. We don’t want to be spreading germs on our faces so make sure you check the texture and smell of things to make sure they’re still safe to use!

Have you cleaned out your makeup collection lately?


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