My Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection

Hello, I think its about time I chatted about my Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I don’t have the biggest collection but all the shades that I do have, I get so much use from. They have so many colours, most of mine are neutral but theres much brighter and vibrant shades if thats your kind of thing.

Swatches left to right: Phantom, Whimsical, Peach Smoothie, Cocoa Bear, Ice Queen, Backlight, Bitten, Cosmopolitan, Creme Brule.

Phantom (Duo Chrome) – An off white with a lilac/pink duo chrome. This is really lovely in the inner corner if you’re looking for something thats a little different from usual.

Whimsical (Foiled) – A pale pink with intense shimmer. I love this all over my lid, it adds so much brightness and light to any look!

Peach Smoothie (Matte) – A warm toned pale orange. I use this all the time when creating different makeup looks!

Cocoa Bear (Matte) – A warm toned deep brown. This is great for creating a warm toned smokey eye, its not too dark that it looks black but its dark enough to add some great definition.

Ice Quean (Shimmer) – A frosty white shade. A favourite of mine for the inner corners of my eyes.

Backlight (Duo Chrome) – A purple with blue/pink duo chrome. This looks really pretty under the lower lash line if you’re looking to add a pop of colour thats not too crazy.

Bitten (Matte) – A dark burgundy/red, very pretty if you love neutrals but want to add something a little unique to your usual look.

Cosmopolitan (Shimmer) – A peach/pink shimmer. This has a very coppery vibe to it, I don’t use this as much as I’d hoped but its a really beautiful shade if you love warm toned eyeshadows.

Creme Brule (Matte) – A warmed toned, medium brown. This is probably my favourite crease colour, it pretty much goes with everything and I use it all the time.

I have quite a few matte shades from MUG and I really enjoy the formula of them. Peach smoothie is the perfect, warm toned, transition shade for pretty much every look and the darker shades are so pigmented. The formula of all the matte shades is so creamy and the blend really nicely, the do have a little bit of kickback when you dip your brush in the pan but as long as you tap the excess off your brush before you apply them to your eyes then there isn’t really any issues. I also have a couple of duo chrome shades which I absolutely adore, both have a beautiful texture and they catch the light in such a beautiful way when you apply them to the lids. I have one foiled eyeshadow, and honestly its the most beautiful, shimmery eyeshadow I own. I love all of the eyeshadows I’ve tried so far and I haven’t been disappointed by the formula of any of them. As you can see, they all swatch beautifully and theres an array of shades and textures to choose from.

Have you tried Makeup Geek eyeshadows? Are there any shades I should try?



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