First Thoughts on Getting a Kitten

Hello everyone, I thought I’d share something a little different today. I got a kitten about a month ago and I think he’s the cutest little thing so I’m treating you to some photos of him. He’s a ragdoll cross and he is currently 14 weeks old as I write this post. I named him Baila (bay-lah) which means dance in Spanish in case you are wondering. 

I’m not gonna lie, he’s a lot more work than I thought he’d be. Although cats are very self sufficient he’s very small and is still getting used to life without his mumma cat. I got him when he was 10 weeks old which I think is a good age to have taken him home. Cats can leave their mother at 8 weeks but the longer they spend with them the more traits they learn. For example, he’s never not used his litter tray, he’s a very clean cat and looks after his fur every time he wakes up – which is quite cute really. Of course they can leave earlier but they pick up more good cat habits when they spend more time with their parents. He’s extremely affectionate which I’m really glad about, some cats just don’t have time for humans but he’s very loving and adores falling asleep in my arms or curled up on my lap in the evenings. So far I’ve been leaving him in the living room at night and when I go to work during the day as I’ve made the room pretty kitten proof with no wires or sharp edges for him to hurt himself on. He’s exceptionally playful and pretty much plays with everything, even the things he’s not supposed to. As I do leave him by himself when I go to work I always make sure I’ve filled his food and water bowls and leave plenty of toys out for him to play with. I’m amazed at how remarkably well he’s done by himself, everytime I come home he’s always super pleased to see me and I always make sure to spend about half an hour or so just cuddling him and playing with him to remind him I do still love him! Its also important that when you get a new pet to register them with a vet as soon as possible. Small animals that are new to the world need vaccines to prevent them from getting harmful diseases and your vert is the only person that can assure your cat gets the treatment they need. New cats also need treated for fleas and worms regularly too, mostly for preventative reasons. The biggest decision I haven’t quite made yet is wether Baila will be an indoor or an outdoor cat. I do live in a flat so I don’t have the biggest space to leave hum too throughout the day and although I do live on the ground floor it can be a little busy with cars outside during rush hour. I think I’ll know when he’s old enough to go outside, some cats are desperate to see the outside world and others not so much so I’mm gonna decide on that one at a later date. I think I’m going to wait until he has been neutered too, if he does go outside I don’t want him causing any unwanted cat pregnancies in the neighbourhood! The thought of a litter of kittens not surviving because the cat couldn’t look after them or their owner didn’t know what to do breaks my heart so for the sake of keeping everyone safe it’s an easy decision on that one for me. Another thing I hadn’t really considered until I had already gotten Baila was that I didn’t really think about what type of food I was going to feed him. A lot of the big brands such as Go Cat, Felix and Whiskas are not the most ethical. I settled for Burns Pet Food, which make dry food for both kittens and cats. They’re listed as a cruelty free brand which makes me feel a little better about feeding him. All in all he’s very loving and I think he’s the sweetest little thing. He keeps me company when I’m just chilling by myself in the flat and I think we’ll get along for quite some time. I made him his own instagram page (@kitty.baila) too so if you want to follow him and see more cute photos everyday then that is the best place to do so! Sorry this has been a bit of a ramble but I just wanted to share some thoughts on my new baby!


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