Pretty Gemporia Jewellery*

Hello everyone. Today I have some really pretty jewellery to share with you all. Gemporia were kind enough to send me couple of bracelets to try out (which I was super excited about) and I thought I’d share my thoughts on them.

I know jewellery isn’t something that I often feature on my blog but when Gemporia got in contact I really fell in love with the mission from the brand.

“At Gemporia, we believe that beautiful
jewellery shouldn’t cost the earth, nor
should it be massed produced or run of the
mill. This is why we go direct to the source
to bring you the finest gemstones Mother
Nature has to offer, from some of the
world’s most remote locations. Our aim is
to restore genuine gemstone jewellery as
the most sought after of personal
possessions and draw others to believe in
the miracle of genuine gemstones as
passionately as we do. Working closely
with The Colourful Life Foundation, we
inspire greater hope and purpose for the
remotest of gemstones communities,
educating and supporting them so they
can grow as we do. Using only genuine
gemstones and precious metals, our
jewellery is made in limited runs and
crafted for the mind, body and soul. We
encourage women around the world to be
at one with nature – to fake nothing. “

For me the ‘fake nothing’ statement really stood out. I think we live in world these days where we are surrounded by false expectations and counterfeit versions of the things we  adore. 


~cf – (have you ever tried to blog with a 10 week old kitten in the room?!)

Anyway, we are so used to seeing images of things we know aren’t real yet we compare ourselves to them and end up with a feeling of letting ourselves down. I think its really great that Gemporia use genuine gemstones and don’t charge a fortune for them either. They have some really affordable jewellery available on their website as well as some more luxrious options too. I, of course, chose some rose gold bracelets as I absolutely adore everything rose gold!

The first bracelet I chose is the Amethyst Rose Gold Bracelet in Gold Vermeil .5CT. Its a very delicate bracelet with a little amethyst gem suspended in the middle. It has 2 little beads on the other side which allow you to adjust the tightness of the bracelet which is great for me as I have rather tiny wrists. Although the bracelet is very delicate it feels strong and secure when I wear it and I think the quality is brilliant despite the fact this bracelet doesn’t cost the earth!

The second bracelet I chose was the Rainbow Moonstone Bracelet in Rose Gold Vermeil 3.51CT. This bracelet is very similar to the other one with the delicate chain and the suspended stone but this one has a small clasp at the back to hold it together. It also has one of the little beads which means you can still adjust the length to suit your wrist size. The stone in this one is very beautiful (its definitely my favourite of the two) it looks like a simple white stone but depending on how the light hits it it changes all different kinds of colours!

I think both of these bracelets are very pretty and I love the way they look together on my wrist. I think that rose gold jewellery looks really pretty throughout the autumn months as it compliments berry and burgundy tones really well. I’ve been wearing the Nars ‘Never Say Never’ Velvet Matte lip pencil a lot this past month and I think its a beautiful combination.

Thanks so much to Gemporia for letting me try their jewellery, I’d definitely check them out if you’re looking for something new! Do you have any favourites for this time of year?

*PR sample, all opinions are my own. Full disclaimer here.


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