A Lazy Girls Hair Staples

Hey everyone, I was having a look through a bunch of my blog posts recently and I realised that more often than not I talk about makeup and sometimes I forget to mention the things I use on my hair so I thought I’d share some of my staples with you today. In all honesty I really don’t do too much to my hair but I do have a few products I always come back to.

Aside from shampoo and conditioner, I really don’t use many products in my hair. When its wet I will apply an oil through the ends. My hair is ombre so the ends are bleached meaning they can be a bit dryer than the rest. My hair is also very thick so in order for me to be able to get a brush through it (the tangle teaser is a life saver) I need to make sure its nice and conditioned. The Wella Oil Reflections is my favourite and I’ve been using it for ages, my hairdresser used this on me once and I was obsessed with how much softer it made my hair feel. It also smells amazing as well, I’m not sure where exactly you can get a hold of this but I purchased mine from Amazon. I try not to wash my hair everyday to stop it from drying out too much so for the days in between, dry shampoo is a must. Batiste is the best dry shampoo I’ve tried, it just gets the job done and keeps my hair looking and feeling fresh. I know its not an expensive or fancy dry shampoo but you honestly need the tiniest amount of this to make your hair look great again. A lot of the time I will spray some dry shampoo into my freshly washed hair too, I find it gives it a bit more grip and texture which makes it easier to style. The last 2 products that I reach for most days are hairsprays, but it really depends how I’m styling my hair that day. For work, I usually put my hair into a french braid so I like quite a strong hold hairspray to stop it from falling out throughout the day. I love the Fudge Urban hairspray as it smells amazing and it holds my hair in place without making it feel hard or crispy. If my hair isn’t in a french braid I will usually straighten it or add a wave to it, I like the Tresemme Touchable Feel hairspray for this as it doesn’t feel like I have hairspray in and it doesn’t stop my hair from moving freely. It does a really nice job at just keeping my style in without ruining the texture. On a lot of days I’ll let my hair dry naturally too, in which case I will only apply oil to it when its wet and then leave it be. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, I like to just let it do its thing!

What are your hair staples?



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