Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette

Ever try something and have super high hopes? Me too. I’ve always wanted one of these concealer style palettes that would let me mix up my makeup game and conceal and highlight my face. I picked up this one from Makeup Revolution as I’m generally always impressed with their products and they’re very affordable too.

The palette actually has a great selection of shades and when you swatch them they feel very creamy and easy to blend. The trouble comes when I actually apply this to my face. Maybe its just my face, and you can let me know if you’ve tried this palette, but I just find the concealers very dry and they refuse to blend into the skin. Its very annoying and I’ve tried a million different ways to try and apply them to the skin but every time my face just looks scaley.. even when I use them on the most oily parts of my skin. Its really strange and I’ve really tried hard to love this palette but for me it just doesn’t work what so ever. The most success I’ve had is from using a brush but even then it doesn’t look presentable enough to go out in public with. I wore this concealer around the house to see if it would look better after being on for a little while but much to my disappointment it was a horrible creasy mess and the concealers had virtually vanished within a few hours. This palette is super affordable and if you’ve already got some pretty flawless skin they might work out for you, but for me its a palette I won’t be using. I think I’ll stick to eyeshadows when I use Makeup Revolution!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette – Available here


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