Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks [Mother & Lovesick]

Hello lovelies, today I decided to talk about my favourite lipsticks as of lately. I’ve not tried many liquid lipsticks but if you’re in the market to give some a shot then I highly, highly recommend these ones as they tick all the right boxes for me.


If you’re not from the US then you’re probably not hugely familiar with Kat Von D products, I see them all over Instagram and all over YouTube channels but here in the UK its a bit more difficult to get your hands on the products. It was, however, recently brought to my attention that Kat Von D are making their way to Debenhams, and as rumours go it shouldn’t be much longer that we have to wait either. I can’t wait. Anyway, the lipsticks themselves are out of this world. They have such an easy to apply, opaque formula and they dry down to a matte finish within a minute or so. I thought they’d be insanely drying but in all honesty my lips don’t seem too concerned when I wear them. They don’t seem to make them any better or any worse which is a massive bonus for me. Usually any kind of matte lipstick is a nightmare but these sit really well on the lips. These are probably the longest wearing lipsticks I’ve ever tried, I’ve worn these throughout the day through eating and drinking and they didn’t budge which was really impressive. I also tend to re-apply throughout the day too, not because I need to but just because I like to stay looking fresh. I find you can definitely apply a second layer of these without any issue, they don’t crumble or crack or flake over the lips which is something I’ve found with other liquid lipsticks. The biggest test for me was when I wore one of these on a night out, I usually stick to nude lips when I go clubbing as with the amount of sweat I rack up from dancing, my lipstick is usually a hot mess. I kid you not, I wore ‘Lovesick’ and it genuinely looked exactly the same when I got home at 3am as what it did when I applied it at 8pm the night before. I was absolutely shocked, I hadn’t touched up or anything because I genuinely forgot I wasn’t wearing a nude lip. So now, whenever I need my lipstick to go put I just crack out one of these bad boys. I can’t wait to get more! Lovesick is also the pink-mauve shade swatched on the left and Mother is the berry-mauve on the right. I love both shades, they’re totally me colours!

Whats your favourite lipstick formulation?


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