Brushes For A Perfect Smokey Eye

Hello everyone, I want to share some of my favourite makeup brushes with you all! I love doing smokey eyes and that becomes a breeze when you have the right tools (and a lot of practice).

I’m a sucker for fluffy brushes so I thought I’d share my top picks with you all.

Firstly I want to share some love for the Mac 217 brush. It was the first eyeshadow brush that I owned and I still have it today (almost 5 years later). Its the perfect little fluffy brush and if you’re just getting started with makeup I definitely recommend it (although many brands have cheaper alternatives available now). The bristles aren’t too long so I like it for blending out my crease more precisely or for blending on the outer corner of my eye. The Real Techniques 203 brush is actually very similar to the Mac offering but it has synthetic hairs. This makes it ideal for blending out cream products so if you’re applying a cream eyeshadow its a dream. Its bit denser than the Mac one and I find its overall a bit stiffer so it works quite well for blending out lighter layers. What really inspired me to write this post was the Morphe M441. I realised I actually own 5 of these brushes as I tend to just add them to my basket when I make a Cult Beauty purchase, and think its one of the best brushes I own. I 100% don’t need 5 of them but I do use them and I totally wouldn’t part with them now. The bristles are quite long and they’re not too dense so I find I can use it for most blending tasks. From adding a transition shade to the crease to really adding depth, this brush really gets the job done. I don’t know what it is about it exactly but I just find myself reaching for it whenever I’m doing my eyeshadow. More recently, I’ve been using it to buff in concealer under my eyes too and it works a treat. I also love the Morphe M506 as its pretty tiny and does an amazing job if you’re doing more precise blending. Its also an amazing brush for blending out the lower lash line too. I think Morphe brushes are pretty amazing for the price, most of their eye brushes are around £5 which is not bad at all. A couple of other Mac brushes I love are the 224 and the 221. The 224 is actually very similar to the Morphe M441 but the bristles are black and not as long. I don’t find this brush packs as much colour on as the Morphe one so I tend to just use it for blending out when I’m finishing my look. The 221 is an interesting brush, it has pretty long bristles but its quite a thin brush. Its a really nice one if you’re blending out a cut crease or something a bit more precise. Lastly, I love the Bobbi Brown touch up brush. I think its technically an eyeshadow brush but I find it so good for packing on colour, especially as its short and flat, its really good if you’re working with pigments! These are my favourite eye brushes, but I could honestly go on forever. It was hard to narrow it down haha..

Have you got any favourite brushes?



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