Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Hello everyone, today I thought I’d talk about one of those products that has had so much hype over the past few months. I’m not huge with my highlight and contour game, I tend to contour and apply something reflective to my cheekbones but before this palette I’d never really jumped on the ‘banana’ shades under the eyes.

Its taken me a while to write about this as I’ve got mixed feelings about it. The contour shades are great, I love two of them and I use them on a regular basis to add definition to my face. I find the powders very pigmented, but they can be a little dusty and sometimes I pick up too much on my brush because of this. They do blend really well and they have a lovely buttery texture when blended which I think is great for a high street palette. I think my problem comes with my pale skin, as you can probably see from my swatches, the yellow (or banana) shade just isn’t quite light enough for my skin. I’m super fair and when I try to use this to highlight it just looks all types of wrong. Its not the palettes fault, I’m just pretty white. In fact, I’m pretty positive that if I wanted to highlight in such a way as the Kardashians, I would have to use white. The shimmery highlight shade in the palette is very pretty though, its not chunky or sparkly just very pretty and shiny on the cheeks. I’m not a massive fan of the packaging for this palette, the pans can come out but I’m not really sure why as they’re not magnetic or anything (at least not that I’ve discovered anyway), I just find overall the packaging just feels a little cheap. I did recently notice they sell contour singles and I think they are refills for this palette, but I don’t hit pan on products very often! Its a great palette and if you’re just getting started with contouring its definitely worth picking up. I have another contour palette that I use a little more regularly so keep your eyes peeled for that! NYX are also a cruelty free brand (amazing!).

NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette – Available at Boots.


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