Guess Who’s Back?

Hello everyone. Clare is back. Finally. Its been a while, but as mentioned in a previous post I’ve been busy decorating and moving into my own place. I’ve made a few ‘vlogs’ if you’re interested in seeing some of the process. I need to make an updated one now that I’m more settled in but it’ll hopefully give you and idea of how busy I’ve been lately. I thought I was going to have so much more time to write a few posts here and there but my days just seem to disappear amongst working and unpacking. I have been able to take a bunch of photos today so I hope to resume proper blogging schedule on Friday. I just thought I’d make a wee update post to keep you all in the loop so I don’t just come back unannounced. Also, if I’ve missed anything big in the blogging world, please fill me in! I’m going to leave you here with these videos while I venture out into the evening sun to catch some pokemon. See you all very soon.




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