Soap & Glory Heel Genius

Hello everyone, we’re talking about feet today. Sorry if its all a bit TMI for you but feet are one of those things I think we all forget about. Summer is fast approaching and if I’m completely honest, I want to be able to wear flip flops without any fear of what my feet look like.

I’ve used the Heel Genius from Soap and Glory in the past but I don’t think I’ve ever done a post about it, as far as I can remember anyway. From wearing boots on my feet all summer I’m the first to admit that my feet don’t look as flawless as I’d like. My heels tend to get a little dry and sometimes just look a bit parched. I use this after I come out the shower when my feet are clean and soft before I put my socks on. I find its best to wear socks after or the cream just kind of goes all over the floor even when I try to not move. I find this makes such a huge difference to my feet too, I pretty much just slather it on quite thick everyday and leave it to do its job and even after only using it for a few days my feet always feel super soft and well nourished. I really enjoy the scent of this as well, its a very fresh scent with a hint of cucumber which is nice a neutral for applying to my toes. I love S&G products as they’ve always got great ingredients and smell great as well as doing an amazing job. I’m going to keep using this all throughout summer (if it ever arrives) to keep my feet in check and prevent them from getting a little dry again.

Do you use a foot cream?

Soap & Glory Heel Genius – Available at Boots


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