Products I’ve Been Neglecting

Hello everyone, today I want to chat about falling into a makeup rut. By that I mean, using the same products every day and neglecting some of the amazing things you have in your collection, the things that maybe found their way to the back of the drawer that don’t see as much love as they maybe saw in the past.

I want to try use up these products and make the most of them. After all, I did spend my money on them so its only fair that I give them another go. Some of them I have given another go as they’re products I used to adore.

Starting with primers, something I use every time I do my makeup whether I’m using foundation or not, I’ve found myself shying away from the Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer. I did this another whirl and to be honest I just don’t think it makes that much of a difference to my makeup when I wear it. I find it makes my skin quite tacky so depending on what I put on top it can make things quite hard to blend, I also don’t find it makes a massive difference to the longevity of my makeup which is disappointing considering it gets such great reviews. I’m going to use it up but I probably won’t repurchase it when it runs out. 

I don’t know if its actually classed as a primer or not but the Topshop All Over Glow is something I used to wear under my foundation all the time, it adds such a beautiful radiance to the skin and really shows through whatever you apply on top. I found after using this in my routine again that it does have a tendency to make my makeup a little more oily throughout the day but I definitely love the look it gives to my skin.

I kind of have a love hate relationship with the Clinique CC Cream, sometimes I think its the best thing since sliced bread and other times I actually despise the way it looks on my face. Its quite thick in consistency considering its very light coverage and sometimes I just cant make it blend into my skin. It feels like a lot of work for the minimal results it gives. For this one, I’m going to try mixing it with some of my thinner foundations that could benefit from lighter coverage to see if I can fall back in love with it. 

The Bare Minerals Concealer is one of those products I’ve just never been able to get to grips with. I see beauty gurus on YouTube using it to set their under eyes all the time to brighten their complexion but when I use it I just find its a little cakey and emphasises all my fine lines as well as kind of lessening the coverage of my concealer. Any tips welcome as I will be giving this my absolute best go to try and make it look nice on my face!

One of those things I don’t reach for often is cream eyeshadows. I used to use them all the time as a base for my eye looks but these days I tend to keep things pretty natural on my lids unless I’m going out. The Ilasmasqua Pure Pigment in Electrum is the most beautiful cream eyeshadow I own, both the colour and the formula are absolutely amazing but I just don’t find myself ever using this. I’m going to make an asserted effort to push myself with the looks I wear and create. 

The MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter is a funny one, I love it when its swatched and it used to be my everyday highlighter of choice. More often that not, I just find myself reaching for other things. I have highlighters I just enjoy more than this one and its not a bad highlight at all. It gives a very beautiful natural glow and I just need to stick it in my makeup bag so I’m forced to start wearing it again. 

Lastly, the Rimmel Scandal Eyes. Another cream/liquid product for the eyes that I – yet again – used to use all the time. I do find these are a little messy but they leave such a beautiful metallic sheen to the lids that it really is such a shame to neglect them. 

Are there any products you need to show some love to again?



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