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Hello everyone, its that time where I just feel like I need to sit down and have a little chat about nothing in particular. I want to keep you all update with my life and my thoughts on moving forward with my blog.

Things have been a little quieter on the blog over the last few weeks but in all honesty I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write all the posts I’ve had planned. I’m actually in the process of moving out of my parents house and in to my own flat, which is very exciting but also very time consuming. The flat needs a lot of work and pretty much all of my days off have been spent decorating or looking for furniture. I have got some videos of the transformation process and I hope to get them edited and uploaded to my YouTube channel, which also hasn’t seen a new post in a few months. I find decorating and DIY interesting so hopefully its something you guys want to see! Moving out is a very scary thing, throughout education and my entire life I’ve always lived at home with my parents – I’ve never lived in halls or in a flat shared with other people, so for me this is a really big step. I feel like I’m ready for it though, not because I don’t want to live or spend time with my family but just because I feel like I need my own space and a place to call my own. My parents house is also very far away from the city and I spend my whole life travelling to get to work and to see my friends, which I don’t mind but its becoming very tiring. Getting home from work just short of 2 hours after you finish isn’t great so me living a 15 minute bus ride from work is going to be ideal. Its also nice to know that all the decisions I make in terms of decorating and furnishing will be my own, not that I dislike my parents decor choices, its just nice to know it’ll be a true reflection of me. It hopefully means I’ll have a lot more time to myself to blog and make videos and just get stuff done. If I’m going to have a few extra hours in the day to myself, I’m definitely going to make the most of them. My flat is very light and airy now that most of the painting is complete so I hope to be able to take blog pictures later in the day too which will help me out a lot when it comes to scheduling posts. Living on my own does mean I won’t have as much spare money floating around so I’m definitely going to have to rein in my beauty spending so I would expect less hauls and more posts around the products I already own. I hope you don’t mind me being a little quiet over here for the next little while, I don’t want to be quiet but there is definitely a lot going on in my life right now. I’m sitting down today to reply to comments and schedule a few posts and I’m going to try and do this as often as I can until I get everything all organised in my life. Any tips on saving money and living on your own would also be much appreciated!


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