Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 2-in-1 Pore Purifying Mask & Peel


Hello everyone! I decided to try a new face mask which is really rather exciting as I’ve been using the same few for quite some time now. I think I had some of my Boots coupons to use which meant I got this for a pretty good price, I can’t remember how much exactly but I know it worked out a good deal!  Or maybe thats me just trying to justify to myself why I bought it!

Its called the 2-in1 mask and peel but I don’t really know where the peeling part comes from as I wasn’t able to peel this off my face.. it was more of a rinse it off with a cloth kind of situation. I think from my understanding too this is a re-formuation or new version of a previous product from the brand, but I can’t say I’ve tried the other one so I can’t really compare. I do like this mask though, despite it having quite a strong herbal like scent I think it does work quite well with my skin. Its designed for us who have oily skin or who are prone to clogged pores and its meant to clear everything out and tighten up your pores. I don’t really believe you can tighten your pores but maybe thats just because mine haven’t ever appeared to shrink, who knows. It does a pretty good job at clearing out my pores and overall it leaves my skin feeling very smooth after using it. I like the packaging of this too, it allows you to see exactly how much you have left which is really rather useful. I would say I prefer their No Clogs Allowed Mask but I guess thats maybe down to personal preference, I like this mask a lot but theres something about the heating aspect of the other one that makes me feel like my skin is getting a super clean! I like how you don’t have to leave this mask on forever either, 10 minutes is enough to see a notable improvement in my skin. I would definitely recommend checking this out if you’re in the market for a new mask!

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 2-in-1 Pore Purifying Mask & Peel – Available at Boots


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