Mac Huggable Lip Colour

Lipstick junkies, prepare yourself. I have found my all time favourite lipstick formula ever – well, I think I have. For those of you who have been reading the blog for a while, you’ll know I have pretty dry lips. This doesn’t stop me wearing the lipsticks I want, it just means I’ll probably have to suffer a few days of lip balm only if I wear something matte. I’m a fan of lipsticks that pack in the pigment but unfortunately I always find my favourite colours and finishes tend to be the most drying, until I discovered these bad boys. I picked up the shades ‘Commotion’ which is a beautiful plum shade and ‘Out For Passion’ which is a lovely coral.

Can we also just firstly mention how pretty the packaging is of these? I love the regular Mac lipstick bullet but theres something about this more streamlined, gunmetal offering that seems a little irresistible. The reason I fell in love with these initially is because they don’t dry out my lips at all! I could literally wear these for days on end and my lips wouldn’t even mind. Its a miracle. Not only that but for such a moisturising formula, they pack a pretty decent amount of pigment. This means your not sacrificing the pigment in order to keep your lips in shape. The texture of them is really nice too, they’re a little tacky when you apply them and then it feels like you have a super thick lip balm on as the consistency is quite thick (this is the best way I can think to describe it). As they are a little tacky they last really well on the lips for something so hydrating, and when they do start to fade they wear away really nicely without going patchy or leaving a weird line around your lips. Of course, they have Macs signature vanilla scent to them – which I love – meaning they’re the perfect all rounder. They have a glossy finish, but its not too glossy so they look really pretty and thanks to the formula they don’t slip and slide around your lips. I only have 2 shades at the moment but I cannot wait to go back to my local Mac counter after payday to snap up a few more, before everyone realises how wonderful these really are. I haven’t heard many people talking about these but I highly recommend you give them a little swatch – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Whats your favourite lipstick formula? Have you tried these?

Mac Huggable Lip Colour – Available here.


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