L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist


Hello my lovely readers, its time for another cheeky review because as you all know – I’m a beauty hoarder. I’m glad I picked this up though, I finished my Mac Fix + and I just really felt like trying something new. I’ve tried a few setting sprays in the past but I don’t really feel like any of them have made a huge difference to how long my makeup lasts. This, however, was pleasantly surprising in terms of performance.

I must admit, setting sprays are one of those things that I don’t actually use on a daily basis, I tend to forget about them if I’m completely honest. I do like using setting sprays as I think they can make a massive difference to how my makeup looks. Now and then, I make the mistake of maybe applying just a little bit too much powder and a setting spray usually does the job of taking the powdery look away. I also find that face mists make my face look much more dewy and fresh too which is something I always strive for at this time of year when the weather warms up. This spray is really lovely and I really didn’t think it would be anything spectacular but it makes a huge difference to my makeup. Not only does my makeup look fresher and glowier, it actually stays on my face for the whole day when I use this. Its kind of a miracle as I’ve used higher end versions in the past and felt that they made no difference what so ever. The mist that comes out of the bottle isn’t as fine as I’d hoped but its something I can definitely get past when the product works so well. I like to spray it before and after applying my makeup to get maximum effect! I do find that the product can separate a little in the bottle so just make sure you give it a good shake before hand if you plan on using it. I’m so pleased I’ve managed to find something so good at a hughstreet price point!

Do you have a favourite setting spray?

L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Mist – Available here.


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