Boots Beauty Haul

Hello everyone, I thought I’d share a little Haul I did recently on, I love Boots and I’m forever saving up my Advantage Card points so I can treat myself. Recently I realised I had about £70 on my card and I wasn’t really saving for anything in particular so I thought I’d just pick up some things I needed as well as a few extras! Its a nice feeling that I didn’t have to spend any real money on this haha.. but then I worry about how I managed to gain £70 in points..

I love how with Boots you can have your order delivered to store, as my work is just around the corner from a Boots. For me, it means I can get my order sooner as I live in the country and nothing ever arrives at great speed. I picked up a few things I’d been wanting to try for ages from NYX.

I find in the UK they’re not the most accessible brand so its great that Boots have started stocking them online. I decided to pick up the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette as I’ve been wanting to try a contour palette for ages but I didn’t want to spend too much incase it wasn’t my kind of thing. On first swatches this palette it super pigmented, a little bit of fallout when you put your brush in the pan but they look like they’ll blend into the skin really well. You also get 8 shades which I think is pretty generous for £18. I also picked up the NYX Butter Gloss in ‘Apple Strudel’, I’ve been wanting to try out these lip glosses for such a long time and I’m glad I finally got round to it. It kind of feels like a Mac lipglass in terms of consistency but its much less sticky. They colour is also really pretty too. I picked up the Origins Make a Difference + Rejuvenating Treatment Lotion (longest name ever) as this was my favourite toner a few yeas ago. I recently ended up with a mini sized bottle and totally fell back in love with it so I had to pick up another bottle. Its getting closer to those summer months so I picked up the Garnier Self Tanning Body Mist in ‘Light’ as this always gives my pale skin that much added warmth in the warmer months of the year. I don’t tan naturally so I find this is a great alternative, and it doesn’t dye my clothes since it dries so quickly. Lastly I picked up a new Beauty Blender, my one has probably seen better days and has a few chunks missing so I thought I better replace it. I didn’t know that Boots stocked Beauty Blender but apparently its a relatively new thing, which makes me super happy! I’m excited to try out all these products properly and I’m sure I’ll write posts about them once I’ve formed an opinion about them all!

Have you picked up any new products recently?


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