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Hello everyone, I hope you’re all having a fabulous day! Today I wanted to have a chat about some new products I’ve been trying over the past few weeks. As you may already know, I’ve been fighting with acne since the end of last year and now that its settled down I’m still struggling with a little scarring here and there. When Vichy asked if I wanted to try a few of their products I was so excited as I have been wanting to try their foundation for the longest time. 

I knew this foundation was going to be super high coverage but its completely different from what I was expecting. I had it in my mind that it was going to be horrible to blend and that it probably wouldn’t sit well on my skin. I can tell you now, I was so wrong. I don’t know why I’ve always had that impression of full coverage products but I’m glad I have been proven wrong.

The Fluid Corrective Foundation is actually surprisingly lightweight on the skin despite offering a full coverage look. It has a dense amount of pigment packed into a easy wearing liquid, admittedly it is a little thicker that the foundations I usually wear and I find that I can only really use my fingers to apply it but this doesn’t stop me from loving it. I did try it with my beauty blender as well as a buffing brush and I just found it didn’t look that great, however, with my fingers it looks super flawless and literally covers everything. If you remember Vichy from a while back their packing wasn’t quite as glamorous, but now they sport a sleek black tube that allows you to choose how much product you need at one time. They’ve also added a few new shades to the range, meaning they finally have a match for my pasty white skin. They also sent me the Dermablend setting powder, which I was intrigued to give a go. Its a super finely milled powder that sits so beautifully over any foundation without altering the colour or texture. I typically only really set under my eyes and down my t-zone and I actually think this is one of the nicest powders for setting my concealer that I’ve tried. It doesn’t dry out or go cakey under my eyes and it stops both my concealer and foundation from creasing or moving through the day. I think that I might actually like it more than my beloved Mac Prep + Primer powder! I don’t think the foundation and powder together last as long as 16 hours but they do stay on my face until the end of the day and hold up pretty well against the shine I get through the centre of my face. I love how lightweight they both are and the fact that despite the full coverage they never look cakey or dry. I highly recommend giving them a go.

The Vichy Dermablend range is available from Boots and Vichy.

Have you tried anything from Vichy before?


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