OPI Nail Envy

Hello everyone, I recently made the mistake of removing my acrylic nails myself and now I’m full of regret and desperately trying to nurse them back to life. I’m sure we’ve all done it but I didn’t think much about it before I soaked them in nail varnish remover and peeled them off – gross I know. Not only do I have dry hands and cuticles, but my nails are soft and pretty delicate at the moment. I decided to give the OPI Nail Envy a whirl since it gets a lot of love.

I wouldn’t say the difference in my nails is dramatic but they’re certainly better than they’ve been in the past when I’ve decided to take my nails off at home. I find when I apply this to my nails, it kind of hardens them up a bit so wether I’m wearing this alone or using it as a base coat my nails seem to hold up a little better than without it.

I’ve noticed that the peeling in my nails has reduced and they appear to be a little less brittle after applying this for a few weeks. Its not the kind of thing thats going to make a difference overnight but its certainly speeding up the healing process. I’ve been applying hand cream and cuticle cream like crazy and layering this stuff on my nails and I think they’re going to be okay. I’m telling myself that I’m not allowed to pull of my acrylics myself next time but sometimes I just don’t have time to book an appointment. I think I’m going to seriously let my nails heal up before I get another set put on but never mind, we live and we learn!

OPI Nail Envy – Available here.

Whats your favourite product for keeping your nails in good shape?


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