Interior Inspiration #1

I thought I’d mix things up a little on the blog today and do something a little different. Being honest with myself over the past month or so, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to move out of my parents house at some point. This is something that never really appealed to me until I realised I could live closer to the city centre as well as the opportunity to decorate my own place!

I’m feeling some serious monochrome, minimal vibes (with some colour here and there) and really want to get stuck in with some DIYs and decorating. If I move into my own flat/apartment its probably going to be pretty small so I’m going to need to give the illusion of lots of light and space.

I think that white/grey walls and pale flooring will help me achieve this along side some pretty cosy rugs and blankets so it doesn’t feel too cold. In a lot of the posts I’ve pinned, I’m seeing this Ikea shelf used to have pictures above sofas which I think is so cute and definitely something I’d want to try achieve if I have my own home. I think I’d probably settle for a grey sofa too as I think its an all round neutral colour. I have a whole Pinterest board where I’ve pinned plenty of ideas and inspirations which I will link here. This is where all of the above pictures have come from too so if you want to follow there links then Pinterest is the best place to do that! I think interior design is so interesting and its genuinely the thing I’m most excited for, I want to try and do it on a  bit of a budget too as I have a little money saved but I’m not going to be able to spend loads. I’m going to try and do posts like these with my inspiration every now and then and when I move out I’ll share the decorating process with you all too! If you have any tips or ideas or if you’ve recently decorated yourself then please let me know!


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