Easy Weekend Makeup Picks

Since we’re about to swoop right into the weekend I thought there was no better time to write this post than now. Of course if you’re going out partying over the weekend, your night time makeup might be a little more dramatic but for me – during the day I always keep things simple. If I’m not working i’m usually just lazing around the house or spending time with family so I don’t feel the need to pack on any heavy duty makeup.

There are a few products that I’ve been reaching for a lot on more ‘natural’ makeup days, so I thought I’d share them with you all. I’m a big fan of urban decay when it comes to eyeshadows, as I’m sure you all know and I find the Naked 2 Basics palette really hits the spot when I’m looking for a little definition but nothing to heavy. Of course I could totally use this for an all out dramatic smokey eye but it makes life simple if you’re just looking for a little something through the crease.

For covering up my dark circles, and any other unwanted marks around the face I’ve been favouring the Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener as its really lightweight and counteracts the purple shades I have going on quite well. I use the shade Porcelain Peach as the warmer tone sits better with my complexion. I can wear this on its on if I’m having a natural makeup day but I usually use it under my regular concealer for maximum effect. I’ve found myself reaching for Benefit Hervana Blush a lot, it doesn’t have any sheen or shimmer to it so I find it just looks like a very natural flush of colour over my cheeks, without it being obvious that theres anything extra added. I’ve also been wearing the Too Faced Melted Peony Lipstick too, its just a really pretty colour and I find these lipsticks wear really nicely throughout the day and don’t fade in patches or anything weird, they also don’t dry out my lips which is a massive bonus. These are my easy makeup picks but let me know what yours are in the comments below!


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