Claris Blue Orchid Facial Treatment Oil

I’ve been struggling with dry patches on my face for a little while now and I purchased this in the hope it might settle things down. I have mixed feelings about it and I’m not 100% convinced this is the right product for me.

I like the packaging of this, its a nice glass bottle with a dropper which makes getting the right amount of product out the bottle really easy. It has a really strong herbal/lavender scent, which is what I think my skin isn’t a fan of. When I apply it to my skin it feels really nice and hydrating and it absorbs in really quickly. When I woke in the morning, the ‘normal’ parts of my skin felt nice and plump but the dry patches had turned even more dry and flaky than before. They almost looked more red and irritated which is super disappointing. I don’t know if its just because my face was so dry or if it was the strong scent that irritated it but something definitely doesn’t agree with my skin. I used it for about a week to see if it was just my skin playing up and things only got worse, so I went back to using my usual skincare and things improved really quickly. This sat in my drawer for a little while and I really didn’t want to put it to waste. I’ve found it works really well for me if I mix it into my foundation, not only does it sheer out the makeup it also makes it really bendable and natural looking. Strangely enough, my skin doesn’t get irritated with this when its mixed into my makeup. I know by doing this I’m probably not getting the full benefit of the oil but at least I can use it for something rather than letting it go to waste! Maybe its just me using it wrong but I really want to love this oil, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Have you every tried a facial oil?

Clarins Blue Orchid Facial Treatment Oil – link


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