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If you watched my haul from a few weeks back you’ll know I picked up a little piece from the Primark beauty line. A few people have tried out some of PS beauty and there seems to be some hit products and some that really aren’t worth spending your money on.

This eyeshadow doesn’t appear to have a name or a shade but it looks like a very pale pink in the tub. This was only £1 and I really wasn’t expecting much from it, but I thought why not just give it a go and see how it turns out and its not nearly as terrible as I thought it might be! In terms of pigmentation, it doesn’t really have any.. When applied to the skin you really can’t see any of the pink hue coming through. Its pretty much a super fine glitter which I’m actually not that sad about. Christmas is just around the corner and adding a little sparkle to your makeup is a great way to make things look a little more festive. Its hard to come by a finely milled glitter on the hughstreet so I’m actually pretty chuffed with this purchase. I always apply a primer to my eyes before any eyeshadow and this seems to hold up just as well as any other eyeshadow I apply. All in all its not really too bad, yes there isn’t much pigment but a pretty glitter isn’t something I’m sad about owning!

Have you tried any makeup from Primark/PS Beauty?


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