Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Primer

Extending the life of my makeup is definitely a priority, I get a pretty oily T-zone so I’m pretty much willing to try everything and anything to make my makeup last all day. I’ve not heard too much about this primer but I know there are a few bloggers out there that swear by it, so on a recent visit to Boots I thought: hey, why not give this a go.

It has a completely different consistency from what I was expecting, it kind of feels like foundation but a little tackier once its applied to the skin. I was expecting something silicone based that would feel very smoothing but this isn’t anything like that at all. In terms of filling in pores and lines, I can’t say I notice a huge difference but it definitely lays down a more even and adhesive base before applying foundation. I do find my makeup sits a lot better over the top of this, it generally seems to apply more evenly which isn’t a bad thing at all. It contains SPF 20, and although I’m not a believer in the addition of SPF to makeup (I don’t feel like you’ll ever feel the difference unless you pile it on) its a nice added extra. Personally I have mixed feelings about this. Yes my foundation applied more smoothly, but does it extend the wear of my makeup? I really can’t say. My makeup still seems to break down just as quickly in my T-zone yet on the drier parts of my face I don’t see any patchiness when I wear this. I find this works best for me if I apply a separate primer over my T-zone but then I feel like that kind of defeats the purpose. I’ll use this until its completely empty, but I don’t see myself rushing out to buy another bottle. Its nice, but I feel like my oily skin is just too much for it to handle, however, if you’re on the drier side you’ll probably adore this.

Whats your favourite primer?

Max Factor Face Finity Primer – Available at Boots


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