MAC Upward Lash Mascara

I feel like mascara is such a personal thing, everyone has their preferences and everyone has different eyelashes! For me, I like some good volume and a little length. This mascara really blew me away lately and I totally wasn’t expecting it!

Usually with mascara I stick to the ones I know I love but when I saw this in my local Mac I snapped it up right away, simply because the brush looked really interesting (the packaging also makes it look like a giant lipstick). The brush is really short, plastic, and the bristles are really short too. Its completely different from your traditional mascara wand, and I think thats why I love it. It does wonders absolute for my eyelashes. My eyelashes are naturally pretty long but this takes them to a whole new level. As well as being amazingly lengthening its adds a decent amount of volume too, giving it the perfect balance once applied. As the wand is so small and cute I find I can really get right into the corners when applying it and coating my lower lash line is an breeze. It can end up a little clumpy if you apply too much, but for me one coat is more than sufficient to get the job done. Typically I would apply 2 coats of mascara but I really don’t feel the need when I use this. I haven’t found it to smudge or transfer either, which is pretty impressive on my oily eyelids. Its an all round winner so I highly suggest giving it a go if you get the chance!

Whats your favourite mascara?

Mac Upward Lash Mascara – Available here


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