Soap & Glory Body Wash! (Rich & Foamous, Sugar Crush, Orangeasm)

I’m back today with a little review for you all. I’ve definitely missed blogging so its nice to be sitting down again writing a few words. I’m not particularly fussy when it comes to shower gel, to be honest, but theres something about the Soap & Glory offerings that always seem to take my fancy.

Firstly, they have some amazing scents. Theres pretty much no shower gel from Soap & Glory that I don’t love the scent of. They also lather really well too, and we all know theres nothing worse than when a shower gel doesn’t give you bubbles so this is a must in my book. In a body wash I also look for a scent that lingers, something that makes the whole bathroom smell great as well as hanging around on the skin for a little while too. My skin in relatively sensitive also, and these body washes have never caused my any issues. If your skin in super sensitive you might want to try a travel size bottle first just incase the scent is too much for you, but I personally get along with these just fine. I also love how big the bottles are, a whole 500ml lasts me quite some time meaning I don’t have to replenish very often. They also have a super handy pump at the top which means accessing the product is nice and easy when you’re in the shower. The scents that I chose here are probably my three favourites. Rich & Foamous is a creamy scent with almonds, its a great warming scent – especially in the winter. Sugar Crush is a really sweet, fresh, scent with lime and sugar which is lovely for everyday. Lastly, Orangeasm is a really zesty, refreshing scent which is a great pick me up on those early mornings! Added bonus to these body washes? They’re pretty much always on 3 for 2 in Boots, meaning it works out about £12 for 3 bottles. 

Whats your favourite body wash?

Soap & Glory Body Wash – Available Here.


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