Garden Photography & My Internet Break

Sometimes we all need a break right? You may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet here on the blog and also over on my instagram too. To be honest, I’ve been super busy with work and getting things organised for my little trip away next week (which I’m super excited about). I hope you don’t all feel neglected but sometimes its nice to just take a step back and enjoy whats around you. I decided to share some of my recent photos with you, I’m no photographer but I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my photography skills over the last year or so and I’m really proud of these photos. I hope you enjoy them and if any of you are wondering all these photos were taken on my Canon 700D (just with the kit lens), and edited with Photos (formerly iPhoto) on Mac.

I’ve got some super exciting things planned for the blog over summer, I want to share my more creative side with you all more regularly and I feel a little giveaway coming around soon too! I’m not sure what the prize will be as of yet but if theres anything that you make you super excited, I’d love to know your suggestions. I also have a few videos coming your way too so please check out my YouTube channel if you haven’t already, I’ll link you here or you can search ‘claresloves‘. Anyways, thats it from me today, I’ll be getting back into the swing of things with the blog so stick around and more posts will be coming your way!


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