Top 5 For Glowy Skin!

Summer is getting ever so close, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to start mentioning some bits to achieve that glowy complexion. Please bear in mind that I have quite oily skin so I like to have my glow in specific places rather than all over. Some products do work well with my skin though and don’t leave me looking like a greasy mess..

I thought I’d start by mentioning the primer I always reach for if I’m in need of a good glow. Its an oldie but a goodie, but the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm always gives my skin the radiance I desire. It literally does what it says on the skin, tightens and brightens, which results in a natural looking glow for underneath makeup! I also really like the smell of this.. Admittedly it doesn’t do masses for keeping oils at bay but when I’m going for a glowy look I always need to powder in strategic places! Next comes in MAC Strobe Cream, great for mixing with foundation or to use as a cream highlight over makeup. Sometimes I do use this as a primer but I think its a little to glowy to use on my oily skin so I find it works best when I mix it with my foundation! The Topshop All Over Glow is a similar product but its much more watery in texture, for me I can use this under or over my makeup and it doesn’t interfere with skin. It has a beautiful iridescence to it that I can’t really describe, plus its quite affordable so thats always a bonus! I also love the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors and the 17 Skin Wow Primer (Not Pictured), they pretty much so the same job as MAC Strobe Cream! 

In terms of adding a highlight over my foundation, I have a massive love for MAC’s Cream Colour Base in Pearl. Its just absolutely gorgeous. If you want to look glowy, then this is what you need. Its cream formula is super easy to blend and it pretty much gives the skin that wet look without looking unnatural. Lastly for powder highlight, if I’m having a super oily day and cream products aren’t an option then I’ll reach for something like MAC Lightscapade MSF, which is really stunning. It doesn’t have any glitters in it what so ever so it just leaves the skin looking really dewy and fresh.

What are your favourites for glowing skin?


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