Top 5 Eye Palettes!

Today is a pretty gloomy day, I’m not feeling top notch and I’ve been trying to work out how to use Final Cut to edit a new video for you guys and its not going to plan. So I decided to wap out my favourite eye palettes to add some brightness back into my life! I’m all about neutral eyes, I don’t wear a huge amount of colour very often but a few of my choices here give you a little room to experiment without getting too scary.

Firstly, I have to mention the Urban Decay Naked Palette, the original and the best in my opinion! It has 12 perfectly warm toned neutrals with 2 matte shades in there which are perfect for the crease. I literally grab this when I have no idea what kind of look I want to go for as the combination of colours in the palette make it full proof to use. Next up is my trusty MAC palette, this is actually one of their pre made ones called Cool Neutral. It has 15 neutral shades all of which are cool in shade with some great options in terms of darker colours if you want a more intense look too. I also really like the plum shades in this palette as well! On the more affordable scale, the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette has a small place in my heart! Its £8 and the quality of the shadows is ridiculously good for the money! It also has an amazing variety of colours, for pretty much any look. The Soap & Glory Lid Stuff quad in Whats Nude is also a favourite of mine, its compact and the 4 shades are perfect for creating an every day look – this finds itself in my makeup bag a lot! Last but not least the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette gets reached for very frequently, not only does it smell like chocolate but the shade selection is absolutely on point. The quality of these eye shadows is also amazing too. 

These are my favourites! What are yours?


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