My DIY Ring Light // How I Made It & The Difference It Makes!

Hey guys! Recently I made my own ring light and I’m really proud of how it turned out. I’ve always wanted a ring light because I want to get into filming proper makeup tutorials. Natural lighting is fine, but I don’t get a huge amount of light in my room so it tends to cast a lot of shadows and wash a lot of the colours out, which is annoying when you put so much effort into the makeup. I’m also not a photographer so that might have a lot to do with it too but since having my ring light I feel I can capture so much more in my images. I also made my ring light for under £40 so if you want to know how I did it I’ll explain in this post!

To explain what I mean, I photographed the same eye look, first with natural light and secondly with the addition of the ring light. Below is the image with natural light and you can’t really see the colours and there are a lot of shadows where my eyelid meets my brow bone.

Below is the exact same eye look, with the addition of the ring light. The eye is lit from all directions which eliminates a lot of unwanted shadows and shows the makeup properly. Admittedly its not a super dramatic eye look and it emphasises that I need to sort my eyebrows out but it works! You can see all the colours I’ve used and you can see all my eyelashes too!

Heres an image displaying both my eyes woo! I just love how you can see all the details!

I also took a picture in the evening when there was no natural lighting and even still I feel you can see so much detail. Usually without natural lighting I’m at a complete loss but this means I can film videos in the evening which will make my life so much easier! I think the effect that my ring light gives is no different to what a proper one would produce.. but I don’t have one to compare! I’m just glad a I managed to save money to get the results that I wanted.

On to how I made the light.. I started off with a few supplies. I used some pipe insulation (which is basically a foam tube) to create the circle. I used a piece about 150cm long so that it was big enough to fit around my camera and light my face evenly. I made slits in the foam all the way long before bending it into shape. The slits were about an inch wide and about an inch deep. I cut them to the depth of half of the pipe. This means when you bend it into a circle you don’t get and kinks resulting in a smooth curve. I then used duct tape to connect the pipe into the circle and added some more to give it extra support where needed. The good thing about using the foam is that its really light, which works well for connecting it to my tripod which I’ll explain too. For the lights themselves, I used an LED strip light which was 5m long and wrapped evenly around the pipe. This means it shines light in all directions and lights my face without any shadows. The strip light I used had a sticky backing so all I had to do was peel off the back and stick it down. LED lights are really bright and they’re also really low power and don’t heat up which makes them ideal. Lastly I used a giant crocodile type clip to attach my ring light to my tripod so it can sit around my light,  I got mine from eBay and it works really well. The good thing about the LED lights that I used is that they came with a transformer and a plug, I’ve seen a lot of really cheap LED strip lights online but they don’t come with anything like that so look out if you’re buying some online! Thats pretty much it! I’m really proud of myself and hopefully this inspires you to make your own light and save some money too!

What I used:
– 5m LED Strip light, I bought mine in B&Q, I can’t find the exact one online but this is as close as I could see. The ones I got were £30 and I’m sure they were by the brand Diall.   -link here
– Foam Pipe Insulation.   -link here
– Duct Tape.   -link here.
– Giant Clip Thing..   -link here.


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