Clinique Lip Pop Lipsticks!

Excuse me everyone but we’ve got a beauty crisis over here! Clinique have released some new lipsticks and I might love them more than my Mac ones – we have a problem! Get your purses are the ready and prepare yourself to fall in love!

These lipsticks are absolutely amazing! So much so that I just can’t even. I’m kidding. What makes them so great is that they have a built in primer so they’re designed to last on the lips for a really long time. They are also ridiculously pigmented and super creamy on the lips. You might think that such a creamy formula would mean they fade really fast, but they have a beautiful kind of satin finish on the lips. When the shine fades from them the colour still stays – almost like a stain but much more natural looking. They also fade really evenly which is always a bonus. Despite all this chat of fade I would say they last about 4 hours before you feel the fade kick in so they’ve definitely got a good amount of staying power to them. Another amazing thing is, that usually my lips get dried out really fast regardless of what brand lipstick I’m wearing or how moisturising the texture is. These lipsticks seriously keep my lips hydrated though – its amazing! So far I have 2 in my hands but I feel like I might end up with all of them before I know it. 

Have you tried these lipsticks? Or have you found something better?

Grab them here at Boots!


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