Hey everyone! So things have been a little quiet on the blog recently, mainly because I’ve been ill for the past 3 weeks – which sucks. However, I’m on the mend now finally after two sets of antibiotics so hopefully the blog schedule can resume! Anyways.. Today I’m going to chat to you about a big decision I’ve made. I’m getting my hair chopped off. Not just a trim but a full on chop. My hair right now sits a few inches above my butt when I let it drape down my back so this is a big step for me! People always tell me that i have lovely long hair and never to cut it but the truth is; its a total pain to deal with. Its long, its tuggy, its naturally wavy and its extremely thick. The summer is horrendous as my hair is so heavy that when its up in a bun it slides down my head eventually and gives me a headache. I’m just so done with long hair! Its been long forever and I’m just ready for the next chapter in my life, after all.. it’ll grow back.

I thought I’d share some of my hair-spiration with you, just incase you’re thinking of getting a chop too! I’ve loved Heart’s hair for ages now, she looks so cute whether she wears it wavy or straight. I also love the @bescene instagram page, they post a huge array of styles so if you’re in need of some inspiration then definitely check them out. Most of these other images are from Pinterest but I’ll link you here to my specific hair board. Other inspirations include, Zoella, Vivianna Does Makeup – who might I add looks so much better with short hair – and Lily Pebbles who rocks a textured lob like no one else! I’m so excited for this hair cut and I know its going to do my hair the world of good, I’ve been rocking the ombre for a long time and all the bleaching doesn’t do my hair any favours. It’ll still end up being slightly lighter at the ends which I think will give it a nice dimension! Words can’t describe my excitement! Roll on payday and expect a post in a few weeks time when I’m rocking my new do!


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