NYX ‘Dolly Pink’ Mega Shine Lip Gloss!

Back in the day, or maybe still now, these NYX lip glosses were what everyone was all about. I picked up this shade from my local Next store, a strange place for a NYX counter right? But apparently Next has been selling NYX for quite a while now! 

I’m actually very impressed, this lipgloss is not sticky what so ever and its insanely pigmented! It doesn’t dry my lips out either which is a huge win in my opinion! I really like it and think that this colour is a great one for the summer, its so easy to both apply and wear! I really want to pick up a few more shades, especially with NYX having them on sale on their website right now. They’re currently £4.50 instead of £6 which makes them an absolute bargain in my opinion!

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss – NYX website.

Have you tried these lip glosses?


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