Max Factor 'Seductive Pink' Creme Puff Blush!

Guuuuuys! If you’re a blush fan like me, get your purses at the ready for this latest release from Max Factor! These blushes are absolutely flawless and what’s even better, I think there might be a few hourglass dupes amongst the shades too!

I went for seductive pink, a pretty shade with baby pink and slightly lilac marbelling. It swatches a little more on the peachy side on my skin with a pretty pink undertone. It’s so beautiful and it has a lovely sheen without shimmer, very similar to my favourite hourglass blushes. There’s a few shades in both the ranges which are quite similar, I don’t typically buy similar shades in different products as I feel like duplication within my collection is a waste. However, I can definitely say the quality and the texture of the Max Factor offerings are very similar to the Hourlgass option, and they’re much more kind on the purse!

Have you tried the Max Factor blushes yet?


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