New Things: Glasses!

Heeeeey everyone! December is here already, which is quite terrifying. Christmas is about 2 weeks away and my present buying game is not strong this year at all. However I did recently pick up some new glasses and I thought I’d share them with you. Specsavers have 2 for 1 on their designer frames which in my opinion is a total bargain! I hate my old glasses so even though my prescription hadn’t changed i decided to just bite the bullet and splash out on some glasses I’ll actually wear.

I was having a pretty crappy hair day when I took these photos but we’ll just ignore that.. The frames I went for are both by the brand Osiris which I hadn’t really heard too much about to be honest. I thought that they only made shoes but apparently glasses too! My old glasses were quite small, metal frames which felt really heavy on my face. This time I went for bigger lenses, so I don’t feel like I’m looking over or under them like before. The plastic frames on both make them feel super light to wear that I hardly notice they’re there. Since it was 2 for 1 I went for a plain pair, which are a dark tortoiseshell (C90) which I think suits me much better than black. The other pair (B69) are a bright, almost neon red that I’m so in love with! Not only is the colour amazing but the glasses are a really nice shape too. When one pair is free, why not try something different right? Being a daily glasses wearer it’s nice to feel like I want to wear them rather than it being a burden! Im Super happy with both pairs and I’d recommend anyone to try something out of their comfort zone for a change!

What are your thoughts on changing up glasses?


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