Lush Christmas Picks!

Every year I go to Lush and end up picking up a few things.. Or more than just a few things! I always love the Christmas collection and some of my all time fabricates are available at this time of year.

I picked up quite a few things, some of which are totally new to me and some which I’ve used time and time again. Yearly favourites of mine include ‘Snow White’ which is the big, white bath bomb which smells like apples! It’s super sweet and turns the bath water pink. I also always pick up the ‘Christmas Penguin’ which it so adorable! It has a fresh, clean smell that is very relaxing in the bath. The ‘Christmas Penguin’is also a bubble bar so you don’t have to lob the whole thing in at once to get some pretty bubbles – just a small amount is enough. My last yearly pick is the ‘Magic Wand’ which is a pretty pink star that you swirl in your bath to create bubbles and pink bath water. It can be used more than once and has the wonderfully sweet smell of the famous ‘Snow Fairy’. New to me is year is the ‘Northern Lights’ a bright purple bath bomb which has a kind of lavender scent, I’m excited to try this one! I bet it turns the water a super bright colour. I also picked up the ‘Dashing Santa’ which has a beautiful citrus scent, the lady in Lush told me he has something on his feet which when you place him in the bath it makes him look like he’s running! How cute. I snagged a ‘Candy Mountain’ bubble bar which is a super adorble pink cone with some shimmer too. All you need to do it crumble a little in the bath and its bubbles galore! I found the super cute ‘Butter Bear’ hiding in my local Lush and instantly fell in love, a kind of vanilla/Shea butter scent that’s sweet yet warming at the same time. This little cutie doesn’t make many bubbles but he left my skin feeling super soft and moisturised! ‘Santa Claus’ is a classics which I’m yet to try! He has a mandarin scent and apparently makes the bath water green! Last but not least I picked up the ‘Drummers Drumming’ bubble wand which is so cute and has little bells attached! It has a lovely sweet scent that reminds me of some kind of sweetie from my childhood! Delicious.

Have you picked up anything from Lush this Christmas?


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