Makeup Geek Eyeshadows! Peach Smoothie, Bitten, Cocoa Bear,Cosmopolitan & Creme Brulee!

Girls (and guys too) listen up! Why it’s taken me so long to get my hands on some makeup geek Eyeshadows I really don’t know! I’ve heard everyone rave about them for so long so I finally caved and picked up a few shades. Mostly from Jaclyn Hill’s recommendation!

Shades shown clockwise; Peach Smoothie, Cocoa Bear, Cosmopolitan, Creme Brulee, Bitten.

I picked up five shades, all of which are really warm in tone. Four of them are matte and one (cosmopolitan) is shimmer. I though that for the price they are there might be a slight compromise on quality but there totally isn’t. All the shades are buttery soft and blend onto the skin so beautifully it’s unreal. Peach Smoothie is a little dusty and if you’re not careful you can end up with a lot of product on your brush really quickly but other than that I can’t fault these eyeshadows at all. I love how the shades I picked up are nice and warm in tone, I think they’re perfect for this time of year for some nice warm smokey eyes. I was also pleasantly surprised with how quickly they arrived too, I live in Scotland and was expecting to have to wait a good few weeks for my package to arrive. To my delight it arrived in about 7 days which I thought was pretty impressive. With the exchange rate it works out that these eyeshadows are about £6 each which is an absolute steal. I added some sticky back magnetic tape (badly) to the bottom of my shadows are just popped them in my Mac palette where they fit nicely. 

I really love these eyeshadows and I’ll definitely be picking up more. I think they might even give my Mac shadows a run for their money!

Have you tried any Makeup Geek eyeshadows?


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